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Simba is born into royalty – his father Mufasa rules the Pride Lands and all who live there, and one day it’ll all be his. blank

The Lion King

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Lion King Lion King
Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon star in the latest chapter of Marvel’s epic cinematic universe. blank

Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Spider Man Spider Man
The Warrens thought everyone would be safe if they locked Annabelle the doll away. blank

Annabelle Comes Home

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Annabelle comes home Annabelle comes home
Stu is a mild-mannered, highly rated Uber driver. When he picks up the grizzly Vic, he thinks he is just on another job. blank


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Stuber Stuber
On a once in a lifetime trip, Dani and Christian are expecting an experience they’ll never forget. blank


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Midsommar Midsommar
Rex is the Queen's Top Dog - a spoilt little corgi who lives a life of luxury in Buckingham Palace. blank

The Queen's Corgi

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The Queens Corgi
Woody, Buzz and friends are enjoying their peaceful new life as Bonnie’s toys… until a new ‘toy’ shows up. blank

Toy Story 4

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Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4
Aladdin is a street urchin, living in Agrabah with his pet monkey, Abu. blank


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Aladdin Aladdin
As the only person to remember the Beatles, Jack decides to claim their classic anthems as his own. blank


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Yesterday Yesterday