The Wall Film
The Wall
Release date
28th Jul 2017
Running time
1hr 30mins
Doug Liman
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, John Cena, Laith Nakli

The Wall

15 cinema age rating  

With just a crumbling wall between them and a deadly sniper, two American soldiers must utilise every skill they’ve learned if they are to walk away with their lives intact.

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2007, and the war in Iraq has officially been declared over. Two American soldiers attend to the scene of a murder, where 10 contractors from the West lay slaughtered, seemingly shot dead by an unknown perpetrator.

Working as a team, one as a gunner and one on lookout, the pair conclude that this is the work of a deadly but skilled marksman. Their suspicions are confirmed when a bullet ricochets from the gunner’s helmet, who dives to the floor for cover.

With just a crumbling wall to shield them from the sniper, the pair must work as a team to fight an enemy they cannot see, and try to come up with a plan that will allow them to stay alive until back-up arrives. But, as the sniper moves in closer for the kill, the outlook is bleak…

The Wall is a psychological thriller, directed by Doug Liman, who is no stranger to action having been responsible for blockbusters such as The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) and Edge of Tomorrow (2014). Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Nocturnal Animals, Kick Ass) and Laith Nakil (24: Legacy) star, as well as WWE wrestler John Cena (Trainwreck).

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