I will tell film festival
Stingray Sisters - I Will Tell Festival
Release date
6th Sep 2017
Katrina Channells

Stingray Sisters - I Will Tell Festival

12A cinema age rating  

Noni, Alice, and Grace are three sisters constantly moving between two lives; contemporary Australia and indigenous Maningrida. Followed by a post-screening Q&A.

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Born of an Aboriginal mother leading the community of indigenous Maningrida, and a Caucasian Tasmanian father, the three sisters – known as the Stingray Sisters – must navigate conflicting cultures throughout their daily lives.

The three sisters are now essential parts of their home community, living and working in the indigenous area, while also balancing contemporary lives.

As the documentary reveals, the three sisters must navigate massive challenges, both personal and professional.

Alongside learning the traditions and history of their community in the event of the elders passing away, they must also face the daunting challenge of fighting against a government who want to enter their homes and frack for oil, destroying the vibrant natural life, and tearing the community apart.

Stingray Sisters is a thrilling documentary revealing a little seen side of modern Australian life. Book tickets online today for a chance to see this heartening documentary.

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