I will tell film festival
The 2 Sides Project - I Will Tell Festival
Release date
5th Sep 2017

The 2 Sides Project - I Will Tell Festival

12A cinema age rating  

Revealing an intimate and emotional meeting of American’s meeting their Vietnamese counterparts, this documentary shows there are no winners in war. Followed by a post-screening Q&A.

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The 2 Sides project is a mission founded by Anthony Istrico, which brings together American’s who lost their fathers during the Vietnam War with Vietnamese civilians who also lost family during the conflict.

This documentary follows six U.S. men and women who travelled to Vietnam to meet their counterparts, in an emotional revelation that showed their misconceptions about the ‘enemy’ were inaccurate.

The film also documents the U.S. citizens visiting the locations where their fathers fought and died, making for a heart-breaking but ultimately healing experience for both the participants and viewers alike.

Beautifully shot and directed, The 2 Sides Project reveals a dramatic part of thousands of families lives across both the United States of America and in Vietnam. Book tickets today to learn more about this project, and the extraordinary journey taken by ordinary Americans.

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