I will tell film festival
The Caged Bird - I Will Tell Festival
Release date
3rd Sep 2017
James Greeson
Dr. Rae Linda Brown, Dr. Barbara Garvey Jackson

The Caged Bird - I Will Tell Festival

12A cinema age rating  

Discover the fascinating life of Florence Price, the first African American woman to have her work conducted by a major orchestra.

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A lesser known moment of the Civil Rights movement in early-30s America is the story of Florence B. Price, a talented composer and musician.

Blending Juba dances and spiritual music with classical discipline, Florence Price created a selection of scores that are nothing short of enchanting, and which went on to set the classical music world on fire.

After living and working in Arkansas where she began to make a name for herself, the area became too dangerous due to lynching’s by white supremacists, which forced her to relocate to Chicago.

There, Florence became a key player in the Chicago Black Renaissance, which eventually lead to her music being performed by Marian Anderson at the seminal 1939 Lincoln Memorial concert.

Book tickets to see The Caged Bird at Vue Cinemas, and discover a documentary that uncovers a lesser known but critical part of the American Civil Rights movement.

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