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Trails Of Hope And Terror - I Will Tell Festival
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4th Sep 2017
Vincent De La Torre

Trails Of Hope And Terror - I Will Tell Festival


Revealing the hidden voices of undocumented Latin Americans living in the United States of America, this documentary shines a light on the disenfranchised and oppressed. Followed by a post-screening Q&A.

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Based on the book of the same name by Miguel A. De La Torre, Trails of Hope and Terror is a documentary that gives a voice to the voiceless. Exploring the issues about undocumented immigration into the United States of America, the documentary follows the life of two teenage girls as they live in a system that stole from them, and now oppresses them.

With two very different stories – one of hope, the other of terror – the teenagers reveal how the immigration system in the USA is ultimately broken. Director Vincent De La Torre along with writer Miguel A. De La Torre reveal a way of life that systematically breaks undocumented immigrants in the land of hope and glory.

Shocking and at times heart-wrenching, this is an essential insight into the daily lives of thousands of migrants attempting to make a new life in the United States of America, and a country that simply doesn’t want them there.

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