RISE: The Story of Augustines

RISE: The Story of Augustines
Release date
16th Mar 2019
Running time
2hrs 20mins
Todd Howe
William McCarthy, Eric Sanderson, Rob Allen

RISE: The Story of Augustines

15 cinema age rating  

William McCarthy and his band, Pela, are on the cusp of something special. But when they learn of the death of his brother, they implode. McCarthy and bandmate Eric Sanderson must battle through pain and grief before they rise again, as Augustines. This remarkable true story, directed by Todd Howe, is a rollercoaster of emotion sure to tug at your heartstrings.

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William McCarthy is a man on the up. He and his band, Pela, are almost finished writing a new album that could catapult them to stardom. But when McCarthy learns that his brother, James, has committed suicide after a lengthy and ongoing incarceration, the band implodes.

Devastated, disbanded, and in financial ruin, McCarthy and bandmate Eric Sanderson attempt the impossible in trying to complete the album in tribute to James, all while battling with their own sanity.

It proves a difficult road, but McCarthy is determined to finish the job, if only to help him properly mourn his brother.

The next couple of years sees countless obstacles thrown at the pair. Despite the challenges thrown in their way, they continue to fight their own demons and make music through the toughest period in their lives.

Eventually, after gruelling hardship, Rise Ye Sunken Ships is produced, and the pair join up with friend Robert Allen to rise once more, as Augustines.

In this compelling true story of struggle, perseverance, and hope, Todd Howe brings us Rise: The Story of Augustines, starring William McCarthy, Eric Sanderson, and Robert Allen as themselves.

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