The Disaster Artist
The Disaster Artist
Release date
1st Dec 2017
Running time
1hr 44mins
James Franco
Zoey Deutch, Alison Brie, James Franco

The Disaster Artist

15 cinema age rating  

The story of how the best worst film in cinematic history came into creation and went on to become a beloved cult classic

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Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) is an aspiring actor who lacks confidence on the stage. After watching an outlandish and over-confident performance from another actor, Greg approaches the man he learns to be Tommy Wiseau (James Franco), with the two quickly becoming friends.

Repeatedly rejected by mainstream Hollywood, Greg and Tommy decide to make their own film, The Room, based on a script written by Tommy.

Forgotten lines, bad editing, abandoned subplots, and outlandish acting dominate the film, to create something that was ultimately defined as ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’ by one film critic.

The Disaster Artist is a comedy and homage to the celebrated cult classic The Room (2003), based on the book of the same name by the real Greg Sestero.

Directed and starring James Franco (127 Hours, Sausage Party), alongside Dave Franco (Bad Neighbours, Now You See Me) and Seth Rogan (This Is the End, The Interview), The Disaster Artist is both a rip-roaring comedy and heart felt homage to the cult hit.

The Guardian

‘’The finale shows that even a really, unarguably bad performance can bring unabashed joy to a crowd, and with awards buzz already circulating around The Disaster Artist, Wiseau might be heading to the Oscars after all.’’

The Hollywood Reporter

‘’ The Ed Wood-esque blend of comedy and pathos could very well earn its own cult status.’’

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