Bing at the Cinema
Release date
27th Apr 2018
Running time
1hr 0min
Bing, Flop, Sula, Amma, Pando, Charlie, Coco

Bing at the Cinema

U cinema age rating  

See Bing’s world as never before… on the BIG screen. Join Bing, Flop and all of their friends for a whole hour of exciting adventures, plus exclusive interactive fun and games.

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From nature exploring with Amma…to games with Pando in the park…and putting on a show for EVERYONE to see!

Bingsters will LOVE joining in.  So come on – let’s go go go go!

Featuring seven favourite episodes out and about in Bing’s world, you and your Bingsters will be guided along the way with simple games, live action content and sing-along fun.  Be sure to collect your free pair of Bing ears!

Episodes shown as part of this special event are:

Surprise Machine: “Sometimes you don’t get the surprise you want, but it is still a surprise.”

Bing and Sula have a penny each for the Surprise Machine in Padget’s shop.

Acorns: “Squirrels don’t count acorns, they eat them.”

It’s a beautiful autumn day and Bing and Sula are in the park with Flop collecting acorns.

Here I Go: “If you’re scared of doing something, you can watch someone else do it. And if they like it, you might like it too.”

Bing and Pando discover a new climbing frame at the playground.

Paddling Pool: “If you can’t do what you want to do, you can do a different thing and sometimes it’s even better”

Bing and Sula head off for a picnic at the paddling pool with Flop.

Nature Explorer: “Being a nature explorer is fun and if you look very carefully you won’t get prickled.”

Bing and his friends play Nature Explorers in Amma’s garden by spinning a giant colour wheel and then finding something of that colour in the garden.

Woof: “I couldn’t keep the doggie but I can still play with her because she’s my new friend”

Bing falls in love with a lost dog he and Flop find in the park and decides he wants to keep her.

Show: “If you get shy then your friends can help you”.

Bing and his friends put on a show in the park.


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