The Merry Wives of Windsor
RSC Live: The Merry Wives of Windsor
Release date
12th Sep 2018
Running time
3hrs 30mins
Fiona Laird
David Troughton

RSC Live: The Merry Wives of Windsor

12A cinema age rating  

Shakespeare's story of marriage, wealth, jealousy and lies.

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Down on his luck in the suburbs, John Falstaff plans to hustle his way to a comfortable retirement by seducing the wives of two wealthy men.

Unknown to him, it's the women of Windsor who really pull the strings, orchestrating Falstaff's comeuppance amidst a theatrical smorgasbord of petty rivalries, jealousies and over-inflated egos.

For a fat Englishman, a Welshman and a Frenchman, the only way is Windsor...

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