Keep their love of cinema going! For those not-so-little children aged 4-11 with both adult and child tickets from only £2.49 per ticket when booked online, our Mighty Mornings give both adults and kids the chance to experience big screen entertainment for a very small price.

Mighty Mornings are showing the best kids’ films and family films every weekend from 10am, plus every day in the school holidays (with availability likely to change depending on when your child’s holidays occur).

Enhance your family’s enjoyment with our Kids’ Combo Boxes or Combo Deals. Don’t forget to check them out when you arrive at your Vue. From fantastical adventures to hilarious animations that'll make the whole family laugh, Vue Mighty Mornings is the ultimate family morning.

Babies under the age of two are welcome in any screening rated 12A or below which starts prior to 10pm. Even better, they come in free provided they sit on the lap of the parent or guardian. Due to age restrictions in place, they will need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. We do recommend that you select an aisle seat, so if your little one becomes distressed during the film you are able to slip out of the screen without disturbing the other guests.