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  • Green Book

    Two unlikely travelling companions must navigate the terrifying racism of the deep south in 1962, in this road-trip comedy-drama based on a true story. Directed by Peter Farrelly, Green Book stars Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali and two-time nominee Viggo Mortensen, alongside Linda Cardellini.

    Tony Lip (Viggo Motensen) is a bouncer for a night club. Uneducated and working class, his background couldn’t be much more different to that of Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), a world-class pianist on a tour of the US.

    Don is looking for a chauffeur who can handle himself – along with any threats that might arise. Heading into the Deep South, he’s more than aware that, as an African-American man, he will inevitably face racism and discrimination on his journey.

    And that’s where Tony comes in. Armed with a copy of the Green Book, a guide to US travel for African Americans, Don hires Tony to be his driver and bodyguard for his tour.

    Leaving behind his wife (Linda Cardellini) and children to embark on the journey, Tony’s own prejudices against African-Americans quickly becomes apparent, but time spent with Don proves to be a revelation.

    Green Book is the solo project of director Peter Farrelly, who is known for his work with brother Bobby on Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary. Hotly tipped for award season, the famed director takes a very different approach from his previous cult classics.

    Mahershala Ali, who won an Academy Award for his role in Moonlight, stars as Dr. Don Shirley, alongside Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic) as Tony Lip, and Linda Cardellini (Avengers: Age of Ultron) as Dolores, Tony’s wife.

    Stan and Ollie
  • The Aftermath

    A wife is shocked by her husband’s new plans when they reunite in post-war Hamburg and start to rebuild their lives together. The Aftermath stars Keira Knightley, Jason Clarke and Alexander Skarsgård in an emotional drama that’s set to become a future classic.

    Hamburg, 1946. Germany is shattered by the years of hard war. It’s down to the British government to rebuild the country from the ashes, with Colonel Lewis Morgan (Jason Clarke) in charge of the development of Hamburg.

    After a long separation during the war effort, Lewis calls for his wife, Rachael (Kiera Knightley) to join him in Germany while he completes his work. Arriving from the United Kingdom, Rachael is confronted with an unsettled German population entering a bitter winter.

    Where are the British to stay during their rejuvenation of Hamburg? A series of country houses are reclaimed from the Germans living there, including that of recent widower Stefan Lubert (Alexander Skarsgård) and his young daughter.

    Seeing that the man and his daughter have nowhere else to turn, Lewis makes the shocking decision to invite the man and his girl to stay living in the large home, much to Rachael’s surprise. But when Lewis is forced to move away again to execute his orders from the British government, Rachael and Stefan find themselves left alone in an empty house with only one another for companionship.

    As the winter progresses, Rachael and Stefan develop a tense relationship, with unspoken boundaries broken as the days roll by... Betrayal and lust enter the grand house, and both Rachael and Stefan must wrestle with their moralities and desires.

    The Aftermath is a stunning period drama starring Kiera Knightley (The Imitation Game), Alexander Skarsgård (The Legend of Tarzan) and Jason Clarke (Mudbound).
    Stan and Ollie
  • The Sisters Brothers

    Eli Sister (John C. Reilly) and Charlie Sister (Joaquin Pheonix) are notorious hitmen who travel from town to town, murdering for profit. Feared throughout the Wild West for their ruthlessness, their next bounty could be the most profitable of them all... The Sisters Brothers is an action-packed Western, sure to entertain.

    The Sisters brothers are feared hitmen, as ruthless as they come. Marauding through the Wild West, Eli (John C. Reilly) and Charlie (Joaquin Pheonix) hunt for wealth and fortune, looting and murdering along the way.

    Killing comes as second nature for the pair. And so when the brothers receive their next bounty, a chemist by the name of Hermann Warm (Riz Ahmed), nothing seems untoward. Yet, this could be their most profitable job of all…

    Working with detective John Morris (Jake Gyllenhaal), the Sisters begin the hunt down their man. But when Morris finds Warm, he discovers the chemist has devised a genius method for extracting gold. Tempted by unimaginable wealth, he betrays the brothers.

    When the hitmen learn of the fabled gold, they step up the hunt and decide to make this their last job – the biggest one yet.

    But each decision has a consequence. Drawn into the gold chase, the brothers make new enemies along the way. And the hunters become the hunted…

    The Sisters Brothers is Jacques Audiard’s first role as director on an English language production and the result is an exciting western starring John C Reilly (Ralph Breaks the Internet), Joaquin Pheonix (Mary Magdalene), Riz Ahmed (Rogue One), and Jake Gyllenhaal (Wildlife).
    Stan and Ollie