47 Meters Film
47 Metres Down
Release date
26th Jul 2017
Johannes Roberts
Claire Holt, Mandy Moore

47 Metres Down

15 cinema age rating  

A dream vacation in Mexico turns to terror, when two sisters find themselves stranded in a shark cage on the ocean bed, surrounded by bloodthirsty great whites.

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When Lisa (Mandy Moore) is dumped by her boyfriend for being too boring, it looks like the holiday of a lifetime they had planned in Mexico is also on the rocks. Not to be defeated, Lisa convinces sister Kate (Claire Holt) to come instead, secretly hoping that her ex will realise what he’s missing out on when he sees her enjoying herself via social media updates.

When the sisters meet a pair of handsome locals working as dive-masters, they find themselves being talked into a shark-cage diving experience, despite Lisa’s initial reservations. Her fears seem to be realised when she jumps aboard the decidedly rickety looking boat, but things are about to get a lot worse.

As Lisa and Kate are attempting to resurface in their cage, the cable snaps and the pair plummet to the bottom of the ocean. As panic sets in, their oxygen supply begins to dissipate rapidly as the crew above attempt to rescue them from being eaten alive by bloodthirsty great whites.

Directed by Johannes Roberts (The Strangers 2, Storage 24) 47 Meters Down is the nerve-shredding thrill-ride that’s perfect for summer. The film stars Mandy Moore, who’s currently riding high thanks to the success of hit TV show, This is Us (2016), whilst Claire Holt will be familiar to fans of The Vampire Diaries (2011-2014).

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