Release date
22nd Dec 2017
Running time
1hr 46mins
Carlos Saldanha
John Cena, Kate McKinnon


U cinema age rating  

Ferdinand – a peace-loving and big-hearted bull – is torn away from his family and thrust into a life of farming and fighting, which he plots to escape from.

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Ferdinand is a bull. Not a fighting bull, or even a working bull. Just a bull, but a very friendly one with a heart as big as his torso.

His exterior may be big and scary, but he is loved by kids and adults alike in his home town – especially by the human family that takes care of him. However, when he is kidnapped and taken to a farm, he is forced to acclimatise to new surroundings.

He meets a farmyard of new animals – some nice, others not so nice – and ultimately, he is expected to step into the plaza del toros and square off against a matador, which completely goes against his nature.

Ferdinand follows the journey of the bull that doesn’t want to fight or farm, but just wants to live a normal life with his human family in the country, if you can call that normal…

This animated, family-fun film stars John Cena in the title role of Ferdinand, having starred on WWE’s Smackdown! since 2001. Kate McKinnon portrays Lupe, and TV stalwart David Tennant plays Angus.

Ferdinand is directed by Carlos Saldanha, whose CV of animated movie credits is second to none, having helmed both Rio movies and several Ice Age films previously.

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