Release date
16th Jun 2017
Running time
1hr 41mins
Marc Webb
Jenny Slate, Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer


12 cinema age rating  

The normality of life is threatened when uncle and grandmother go head to head in a battle for the custody of child genius, Mary.

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Mary (Mckenna Grace) is a child genius – a mathematician of great talent and expectations. And she is fathered by her uncle Frank (Chris Evans), after her mother’s unfortunate and premature death.

Frank and Mary live a content life. With their own little routine, surrounded by a community of friends in a coastal town in Florida, Frank and Marie have everything they could ever want.

But when Frank’s mother – and Mary’s grandmother – Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) learns of her granddaughter’s abilities, their normal life could be foiled. And the two could even end up being separated.

Bonnie (Jenny Slate), Mary’s concerned teacher, is worried about Mary’s well-being. Amid this unexpected battle between uncle and grandmother, she and Frank work together to ensure he wins custody of his extraordinary niece.

Chris Evans (Captain America) takes the lead role as Frank, joined on screen by the young Mckenna Grace as Mary (The Angry Birds Movie), with Lindsay Duncan (About Time) playing custody rival Evelyn.

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