Release date
9th Mar 2018
Running time
1hr 50mins
Nash Edgerton
Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, Thandie Newton


15 cinema age rating  

Harold Soyinka finds himself in hot water when an innocent work trip to Mexico takes a dark and unexpected turn.

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Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) is a businessman with a serious need for a cash injection. When his corporate job sends him to Mexico to hand deliver a new medicinal marijuana pill, he’s reluctant to travel but has no other option than to leave.

His journey seems to be running smoothly, until he suddenly finds himself embroiled with the Mexican cartel. It turns out his employers haven’t been entirely honest with him, and he’s now stuck in a violent hostage situation.

Making matters even worse, a corrupt black ops mercenary has labelled him a criminal, so help seems unlikely to arrive. Does Harold have any chance of escaping this unexpected trauma? Or maybe, just maybe, the criminals are the ones who are in for a surprise…

Director, Nash Edgerton, makes his full-length directorial debut in this action-packed black comedy that pulls no punches. Edgerton is famed in Hollywood for his illustrious stunt career, making him the perfect director to pull off such a visually engaging film.

David Oyelowo, who previously played Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the award-winning Selma, plays the hapless businessman, Harold, alongside his co-star and Hollywood heavyweight, Charlize Theron (Atomic Blonde, Mad Max: Fury Road), as heartless manipulator Elaine Markinson.

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