Release date
5th Jan 2018
Running time
2hrs 13mins
Scott Cooper
Christian Bale, Timothée Chalamet, Rosamund Pike


15 cinema age rating strong violence, language 

An unwilling army captain is tasked with escorting a dying Native American chief across the wild west, on a threatening journey that’s riddled with division.

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It’s 1892 in America’s wild west and relations between the settlers and the native people are incredibly tense. In an attempt to negotiate some sort of peace, officials in New Mexico agree to release dying Chief Yellow Hawk (Wes Studi), so he can travel across the plains and pass away in his tribal lands.

But the man tasked with leading the expedition doesn’t have an ounce of compassion for the Cheyenne chief. Captain Joseph J. Blocker (Christian Bale) has a chip on his shoulder, blood on his hands, and a bitter hatred for the Native Americans.

Weighed down by resentment, the party sets out on the long journey to Montana, where they come across Rosalie Quaid (Rosamund Pike), a young woman whose husband and children have been murdered. She joins them, and they embark on a path that is laced with danger, from both the brutal landscape to the enemies that wait just beyond the horizon.

Directed by Scott Cooper (Black Mass), this adventure western showcases the violence and pain that filled the empty plains of the United States, during a period of change and division. Christian Bale (The Promise) stars as the battle-scarred army captain, Wes Studi (Empire of the Heart) is the dying chief, and Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) plays the woman who has lost everything.

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