Live by night
Live By Night
Release date
13th Jan 2017
Running time
2hrs 9mins
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller

Live By Night

15 cinema age rating very strong language, strong violence, sex, racist language 

It’s prohibition era America and Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck) is a bootlegger, rum-runner and gangster who pushes things too far and risks losing it all.

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It’s prohibition era America and three things run the nation: jazz, liberation and bootlegged alcohol.

Joe Coughlin’s father was a good man – a police captain in Boston who always walked a straight line and did his best to take a little bit of bad out of the world.

Joe (Ben Affleck) is not like his father.

Pulled in by the temptation of money, booze and beautiful women, Joe takes a different path in life, which leads him to Ybor City in Florida. It’s there that he makes his place within the notorious society of hard partying and even harder crime.

While acting as a bootlegger and rum-runner, Joe begins to twist into someone unrecognisable – his ambition transforms into greed and his hunger for adventure turns into a habit of cruelty. Before he knows it, Joe has become one of the most notorious gangsters in all of Tampa.

In is ascent to power, Joe not only begins to lose the people he loves the most, but he also starts to surrender himself to an ugly, unforgiving world.

Ben Affleck (Fargo, The Town) directs and stars in this gritty gangster drama, set in 1920s and 1930s America, alongside a cast brimming with talent, including Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher) and Scott Eastwood (The Longest Ride).

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