Release date
20th Jan 2017
Running time
1hr 57mins
M. Night Shyamalan
James McAvoy


15 cinema age rating  

A man with split personality disorder kidnaps three teenage girls as his 24th personality begins to dictate horrific plans for their fate.

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Three teenage girls are kidnapped in a grocery store parking lot by a thirty-something white male. It’s a horrible situation. A terrible crime. But nothing too out of the ordinary.

Except for that one man is actually 23 different people, working together inside a single brain, with a plan that will disturb the very definition of humanity.

Kevin (James McAvoy) has split personality disorder – 23 different voices battle inside him, from that of a young boy to a middle-aged British woman.

When another personality called ‘The Beast’ begins to form, it devises a plan and forces the existing personalities to enact it: kidnap three girls.

Keep them locked in a hidden cell. The rest will follow.

As the girls struggle to understand their situation, and desperately try to find a way to escape, horrors begin to unfold that have them fearing for their lives and hoping for death at the same time.

The latest from the master of psychological horror, M. Night Shyamalan (The Visit, The Sixth Sense) writes and directs this thrilling and disturbing story, which will have you twisting in your seat.

McAvoy (Wanted) stars, alongside indie darling Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Casey, the girl Kevin seems to like the most…

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