Thunderbirds Are FAB!

Thunderbirds are FAB
Thunderbirds Are FAB!
Release date
30th Sep 2017
Running time
1hr 30mins

Thunderbirds Are FAB!

U cinema age rating  

3 brand new episodes on the big screen to celebrate the 1st official Thunderbirds Day!

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A must-see event for ALL Thunderbirds fans old and new!  This one-time-only theatrical presentation celebrates 52 years of International Rescue action and features 2 brand new episodes from CITVs latest series Thunderbirds Are Go, plus a never before seen episode of the classic original series made with audio recordings featuring the original cast and filmed in full Supermarionation - The Abominable Snowman will delight fans of the classic original series.  

Vue are bringing the Supermarionation and CGI versions together for the first time to celebrate the inaugural Thunderbirds Day - Thunderbirds Are FAB is 90 minutes of action-packed entertainment for the whole family!

In The Abominable Snowman, when reports come in from the Himalayas of kidnappings carried out by the Abominable Snowman, International Rescue sends Lady Penelope to investigate. She soon reveals the dark truth and finds herself a prisoner of The Hood who will stop at nothing to get the secrets of the Thunderbird machines. Can International Rescue save Penelope in time?  Starring David Graham as Parker and Sylvia Anderson as Lady Penelope.

In Power Play, International Rescue must save a hydro-dam when its turbines are pushed past their breaking point. Scott crawls inside the rescue the crew while Virgil and Gordon attempt to seal a growing crack in the dam.

In Volcano!, Dr Quentin Questa (Mark Gatiss) has inaccurately predicted the eruption of a volcano for the last decade. This time, however, he invokes a special science code of honour that brings Brains out to his location. Brains discovers that Questa is right: the volcano is gonna blow!


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