Walk like a panther
Walk Like A Panther
Release date
9th Mar 2018
Running time
1hr 48mins
Dan Cadan
Stephen Graham, Michael Socha, Julian Sands

Walk Like A Panther

12A cinema age rating  

Father and son must reunite their ‘80s wrestling team in a desperate attempt to save their pub from closure.

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Father and son, Trevor (Dave Johns) and Mark (Stephen Graham), were once a key part of the 1980s British wrestling scene. Working and wrestling alongside a team of men and women who had a certain level of fame throughout their sporting careers, the team had retired, and run a pub in the present day.

The days of wrestling fame are never far behind them, with the pub dedicated to their glory days and plenty of rehashing of the old favourite stories. But none of them ever expected to strap on their lyrca again.

Unfortunately, fate had other ideas. Faced with the prospect of the pub being shut down, there’s only one way the team can raise enough money to save their beloved establishment – to get back into the ring once again.

With the former wrestlers a combination of old, out of shape, and living completely different lives, Walk Like a Panther is a hilarious British comedy with a heart of gold, created by those responsible for classic comedy The Full Monty.

Starring Dave Johns, who shot to fame in 2016 in Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake, alongside Stephen Graham – who previously played ‘Combo’ in This Is EnglandWalk Like a Panther has a northern heart and soul, being shot in Yorkshire and featuring some of the UK’s best and most beloved comedy talent.

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