Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built
Release date
2nd Feb 2018
Running time
1hr 39mins
Michael Spierig
Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built

15 cinema age rating  

A firearms heiress builds a gigantic mansion designed to imprison the souls of gun victims she believes are haunting her in this supernatural chiller based on true events.

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Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren) is down on luck and trapped in the dark, murky depths of depression. Having lost both her husband and child, the heiress to the Winchester firearms fortune becomes convinced her family and the company fortune are cursed.

Her claims that she is being haunted by the souls of gun victims falls on deaf ears, and she is branded senile by most. As money is no object, Sarah has an enormous, seven-story mansion constructed to trap the ghosts that she insists won’t leave her alone.

When Doctor Eric Price (Jason Clarke) is summoned to the house to assess Sarah’s mental health, initially he too believes that her paranormal apparitions are a mere figment of her imagination. That is, until he begins to witness the unusual goings on for himself.

Winchester House does indeed appear to be very much inhabited by an army of vengeful spirits, all of whom seem to have a bone to pick with the Winchesters.

Inspired by true events said to have taken place at the world’s most haunted house, Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built reveals the remarkable legacy of one of America’s most famous families.

Directed by twin brothers, Michael and Peter Spierig (Jigsaw, Predestination), the film stars Helen Mirren (The Queen), who is one of just a handful of actors to have won the Triple Crown of Acting, while Jason Clarke (First Man) and Sarah Snook (Steve Jobs) lead the supporting cast.

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