Logan Lucky premiere Logan Lucky premiere

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver head to Vue West End for the Logan Lucky UK premiere

Film reviewer Chris Edwards runs through the highlights of the evening.

Stepping onto the red carpet for the UK premiere of Logan Lucky, I was greeted by cheers and a wall of flashing cameras. Quite flattering, I thought, until I realised the stars of the film Channing Tatum and Adam Driver were standing just behind me.
Logan Lucky premiere
Followed closely by director Steven Soderbergh, the actors greeted fans and people who had probably been queuing to see them since last week. They were then interviewed by premiere presenter Rick Edwards; Driver revealing that his character's missing arm was achieved with the use of a green glove and computer wizardry.
Soderbergh returns to movie making with this hilarious, hillbilly heist caper.
Once inside recently refurbished Vue West End, Tatum, Driver and Soderbergh gave us a quick introduction to the film, shortly before being heckled for selfies and one fan even chasing them through the fire exit.
Logan Lucky premiere
Logan Lucky is a delight. After a prolonged spell in television, Soderbergh returns to movie making with this hilarious, hillbilly heist caper that is essentially a Southern American reimagining of his Ocean's films.

Tatum's fired construction worker Jimmy Logan devises an intricate plan to rob the concessions stands at the Charlotte NASCAR Speedway, enlisting the help of his one-armed brother Clyde (Adam Driver in top form) and explosives expert Joe Bang (Daniel Craig in one of his best ever performances). The ensemble cast also includes Riley Keough, Katherine Waterston, Katie Holmes and Seth MacFarlane.
Logan Lucky premiere
Dealing with an intricate plot and the ambiguous theme of patriotism, Soderbergh might have had a tricky task bringing this one together, but Logan Lucky produces a laugh a minute – as evidenced by the frequent guffaws in my screen – with heart-warming dialogue and brilliant performances. In many ways a story about the American Dream, it rather inspiringly suggests that even little country folk can win from time-to-time.

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