Eight film inventions we wish were real Eight film inventions we wish were real

Eight film inventions we wish were real

Despicable Me 3 is just around the corner! So in celebration of the franchise that gave us such wonders as the “fart gun”, here’s a selection of eight pretty nifty film inventions we’d love to see brought to life.

By Kate Solomon.

One of the great things about film is that there are no limits to what can be created with special effects – which is why movie scientists are always coming up with the most incredible inventions. Take Despicable Me’s Dr Nefario, whose anti gravity serum worked a little too well...Or the time when Gru asked for a dart gun but ended up with a fart gun -– equally effective, if a little smellier.

What does he have in store for the next instalment, out 30th June? To whet your appetite for Despicable Me 3, here are eight film inventions we wish were actually real.

Despicable Me – shrink ray

It may not have been invented by Dr Nefario, but the SR-6 shrink ray would certainly come in handy if we were moving house (or stealing the moon). And, well, we’d buy anything that causes Vector to cry, “Curse you, tiny toilet!”

Clueless – smart wardrobe

File under: why doesn’t this exist yet? Lucky Cher has a digital catalogue of all her clothes and this smart wardrobe scans and matches everything to put together outfits that will make her look like a total Betty. Clashes? As if! 

Back to the Future - the Delorean time machine

Sure, we’d all like a hoverboard but now that Swegways exist, we’re probably more up for the ability to travel through time in the most ‘80s car of all time.

Up - dog translator

If dogs could talk, what would they really say? Until someone actually invents the translator collar, we will never know for sure. Squirrel!

The Fly - telepods

Ok, so we could do without the splicing of our DNA with a fly’s and the subsequent pus-related grossness, but teleportation is surely everyone’s dearest dream. No more long haul flights, no more traffic jams, no more missing the last train home, no more night bus! Worth the risk.

Star Wars - lightsabers

While we don’t have much use for any kind of saber beyond slicing tomatoes or opening heavily taped boxes, a real life lightsaber would be by far the coolest way to do it.

The Matrix - learning stuff through the phone

Learning things is hard and often tedious work, so we’re deathly jealous of The Matrix characters’ ability to download new skills into their minds just by picking up the phone.

Click - remote control that controls time

Imagine being able to fast forward through boring meetings, revisit lovely memories and pause time for a nap any time you like. Stop working on new iPhones and smart lightbulbs; get the boffins to work on this!


Inspired by Despicable Me, we're teaming up with "imagination explorer" Dominic Wilcox to create some despicably wacky inventions of our own...keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook to see the results.

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