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Six inventive half term ideas to keep your kids busy from boredom

Inspire the next generation of Oscar winners with these film-related activities for kids.

Finding things to do in half term with your kids can be a job in itself — really, anything to avoid the inevitable chimes of “I’m bored” is a success, right? But how about trying something different. We’ve put together six half term ideas inspired by films to keep kids from climbing up the walls.

Follow a film-inspired recipe

In Disney’s Ratatouille, renowned chef Auguste Gusteau says that “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” He’s not wrong. So help your kids become fearless and great with some film-inspired recipes.
Film related activities for kids
Have a go at recreating Remy’s fancy ratatouille dish or check out this recipe for microphone cake pops inspired by animated musical Sing - food and lifestyle blogger Emily Leary, aka @AMummyToo, shows you how to make them in this tutorial. For something more suited to those with paws for hands, there’s always a marmalade sandwich...

Design your own movie poster

What’s the best way to celebrate going to see an awesome film? Going home and creating your own poster, that’s what. Draw your favourite characters, see if you can sum up all the themes, or take inspiration from the colour palette - we particularly loved Coco’s gorgeous orange and purple theme:
Film related activities for kids

Get creative with claymation

Aardman are the makers of Early Man and Wallace and Gromit and they're known for their charming stop motion style. Take their lead and make your very own character – need some tips? Let an Aardman animator show you how:

Make your own treasure map

Brew yourself a cuppa but keep the tea bag because we’re going to be making treasure maps. Plot your own adventure à la Tomb Raider, The Goonies or Indiana Jones by covering a piece of paper in a tepid tea bag – you could unearth a chest of gold.
Film related activities for kids

Dream up a fictional world

Have you ever been blown away by a world conjured up in a movie? Why not make your own? For 2017’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, we asked digital artist Miss Led to create a 3D work of art inspired by the film’s eye-popping imagery. Watch her build an immersive underwater scene at the wave of her hands using Google Tilt Brush:
Of course, not everyone has a virtual reality headset lying around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a fictional world too. Follow Emmet from The Lego Movie and go freestyle with, well, Lego, get messy with papier-mâché or stay traditional with some pencils.
Film related activities for kids

Go on a bug hunt

Inspired by A Bugs Life, Antz and, let’s be honest, every child’s love of rummaging around in the dirt, there’s nothing better than heading down to your local park and going on a bug hunt. Under logs, leaves and wriggling through the grass are an assortment of creepy crawlies to wonder at. Create a fact file while out and see if you can get your kids to draw that they saw when they get home.
Film related activities for kids

Embrace your inner film critic

Make your big screen experience last longer by getting your kids to channel their inner critics. What was their favourite part of the film? Who was their favourite character? What themes did they pick up on? Be warned: this can have some pretty hilarious results. Just check out our very own 10-year-old reviewer’s take on The Boss Baby.

Keep the story going

The film might be over, but there’s no need to call it a day with your favourite characters. Can your kids come up with a synopsis for a sequel? What do they think happened after Elsa and Anna got reunited? And what ridiculous invention will Dr Nefario create next?
Film related activities for kids
We’d love to see what you and your kids come up with - share your creations with us on Facebook and Twitter.