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Seven reasons why classics belong on the big screen

Missed them at the cinema first time round? You’re in luck!

We’re not just about the latest superhero flicks here at Vue - we love having a good rummage in the vault and bringing our favourite classics back to the big screen. Which is why we’ve got a host of them coming up and we guarantee you won’t want to miss any of them. Don’t believe us? Let us change your mind...

1. Even the classics were made for the big screen

Even films made in the real olden days were made to be seen this way; from tiny details to massive set pieces, you’ll get more out of them on an epic screen.
classic films article Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winner is known for its epic 27-minute opening sequence (Saving Private Ryan, 1998)

2. And they’re often remastered with today’s tech

No film is above a bit of cosmetic improvement. Modern day tech can breathe new life into the classics, such as 4K remasterings.

Here’s an amazing fact: the chemical film used in the pre-digital age was capable of capturing just as much detail as a modern 4K camera - it’s just that there was no way of projecting it. Now there is. So film companies have begun converting the old classics to be seen in 4K cinemas. That means we’re in for a new golden age of ultra-high definition, totally immersive cinema-going not just for new films, but every film you’ve ever loved.

3. No second screening, no distractions

Ever noticed how, when you watch films at home, you end up not properly watching them? There’s always that washing to hang out, or that level of Candy Crush to complete...But sit down in the dark and you’ll give every film your undivided attention.
classic films article Even the Bat-Signal can’t reach you in here (Batman, 1989)

 4. You can catch up with your friends’ faves

You will never again have to be That Person dealing with incredulous looks and disparaging cries of “You’ve never seen Citizen Kane/E.T./The Goonies???”

5. And if you’ve seen them, you can relive them properly

Maybe you’ve seen all the films; in which case this is a chance to see your childhood favourites and forgotten gems in all their big screen, Dolby-level audio glory. Iconic lines, unforgettable songs, bracing for the scare or the big laugh - all way more fun in the cinema.

6. When you’ve seen them, you can share them

We never forget the films we first saw on the big screen and, if you love a film, chances are your kids (or uncultured mates) will too. Give them the full cinematic experience and they’ll thank you forever.

7. Popcorn

Never tastes as good at home, does it?

classic films article Get your gang together for one of film’s most iconic kid gangs (The Goonies, 1985)


The Goonies (19 April)

It’s a classic because... it’s a timeless tale of friendship, growing up, treasure quests and adventure. Basically Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones was seven kids instead of one man.
Even if you haven’t seen it you’ll know: THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE
Best way to convince a friend to come: Start the group text with HEY U GUYSSSS and go from there.
Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of passages, booby traps and a long-lost pirate ship full of golden doubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys. blank

The Goonies

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classic films article classic films article
Saving Private Ryan (6 June)

It’s a classic because... of its graphic and unflinching portrayal of war.
Even if you haven’t seen it you’ll know: that harrowing 27-minute opening sequence depicting the the Normandy landings.
Best way to convince a friend to come: “It’s one of the greatest war films ever made, it deserves to be seen in the cinema. Plus: Tom Hanks.”
Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) embarks on a mission to find Private James Ryan, whose three brothers were killed in combat. See Saving Private Ryan in the cinema and back on the big screen at Vue. blank

Saving Private Ryan

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Tim Burton's Batman returns to the big screen at Vue. blank


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Classic films article Classic films article
In the second of the blockbuster Batman films, the legendary hero does battle against the mysterious Cat Woman and the diabolical Penguin. blank

Batman Returns

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Classic films article Classic films article
See Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin all back to back in cinema at Vue. blank

Batman The Anthology Marathon

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