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Monster Trucks
Release date
1st Jan 2017
Running time
1hr 44mins
Chris Wedge
Lucas Till,Rob Lowe,Jane Levy

Monster Trucks

PG cinema age rating  

Want-away teen Tripp meets an unlikely friend in his quest to leave his dead-end town – a subterranean creature with a desire for speed.

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Tripp (Lucas Till) is pretty unsatisfied with the way things are. He was born into a town he doesn’t care for, and a life that he is not enjoying.

Looking for a way out, the high school senior goes to a nearby junk yard and begins to salvage scrap parts from worn-out cars.

As he finds more and more useful pieces, he begins to build himself a monster truck, which he intends to use to get away from the town and life he hates.

Meanwhile, an accident occurs at a nearby oil-drilling site, and from the depths arises a strange, subterranean creature that just happens to share certain traits with Tripp.

The creature has both a taste and talent for going quickly.

Could these two separate incidents converge to give Tripp his long-awaited one-way ticket out of town?

Tripp may just have found both a driver and a friend in the unlikeliest of places.

Monster Trucks stars a mixture of established and emerging talent, with the likes of Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Jane Levy (Don't Breathe) recently bursting onto the big screen. They are, however, supported by the stalwart Danny Glover (Dirty Grandpa) and Rob Lowe (The Invention of Lying).

Chris Wedge directs this action comedy, having originally found fame for his work on the Ice Age series of movies.

Book Monster Trucks in awesome 3D and see Tripp and his fiendish friend jump out of the screen! 

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