Cars 3 Film
Cars 3
Release date
14th Jul 2017
Running time
1hr 49mins
Brian Fee
Owen Wilson

Cars 3

U cinema age rating  

Lightning McQueen must up his game and his engine to keep pace with the speedy new breed of modern racers currently ruling the track.

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Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) was on top of the racing world at one point, but his career has begun to spiral downwards as the next generation of racers leave him in their dust.

He may be a little bit old fashioned now, and his mentor, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet may have passed, but this hasn’t quenched Lightning McQueen’s thirst for firsts.

To set about getting back his crown as the number one racer in the country, McQueen hires a young racing technician, eager to prove herself and her mechanical skills, and takes inspiration from his former mentor.

With these new-fangled race cars set firmly in his sights, the Piston Cup is about to come to an almighty finish, as number 95, Lightning McQueen, is out to prove he’s not past it, and he is still the car to beat on track.

Lighting McQueen is once again voiced by Owen Wilson (Zoolander No. 2), and is supported by his team members Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy (Cars), and Bonnie Hunt (Monsters University) as Sally Carrera.

Joining the cast this time around is rival Jackson Storm, who is voiced by Armie Hammer (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.), while Brian Fee makes his directorial debut, having worked on a host of Pixar movies in the past.

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