Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Three Billboards Outside Ebbing

What to watch this awards season

From Golden Globe winners to Oscar-tipped flicks, here’s what not to miss on the big screen.

Three Bilboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2) Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Disaster Artist: out 1 December 2017

The Disaster Artist is anything but a disaster. James and Dave Franco star as the men behind The Room, aka ‘the worst film ever made’. This one isn’t though: James Franco just picked up a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical.

See it on the big screen for...
Franco’s performance as Tommy Wiseau. Hilarious with moments of real poignancy. Get The Disaster Artist tickets and times.

All the Money in the World: out 5 January 2018

Christopher Plummer earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor - not bad considering he turned his entire role around in just nine days. Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, Plummer might not have won but the drama may well rack up a host other shiny, well-deserved awards.

See it on the big screen for…
Extra intensity. A hostage drama based on true events, it’ll have you gnawing your fingernails down to the cuticles. Get All the Money in the World tickets and times.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: out 12 January

Four billboards would be better suited to the purpose of announcing each award this film picked up at the Globes. In Bruges director Martin McDorman’s dark comedy about a mum on a mission won Best Drama, Best Actress in a Drama, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

See it on the big screen for…
A fiery, completely unmissable lead performance. Angry, funny, tragic, fearless…in this, Frances McDormand is everything. Get Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri tickets and times.
Darkest Hour Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour: out 12 January

You don’t win a world war without a few films getting made about you, but we can guarantee you’ve never seen a Churchill film like this. The Golden Globes’ Best Actor in a Drama winner Gary Oldman doesn’t so much play the legendary prime minister as become him; his finest hour.

See it on the big screen for…
Your chance to get as close as is humanly possible to Winston Churchill in the war rooms during a key moment in British history. Get Darkest Hour tickets and times.

Coco: previewing 13 - 14 January

They’ve given us Toy Story, Inside Out and Up – and now, this gorgeous animation that kids will love, but just like all Pixar classics, possibly not as much as the rest of us. The Golden Globes’ Best Animated Film winner is set around the Mexican Day of the Dead festival and takes place in this world and the next.

See it on the big screen for…
A close up view of what people are calling one of Pixar’s most visually ambitious worlds yet. Get Coco tickets and times.

The Post: out 19 January

Streep. Hanks. Spielberg. What more needs to be said? This is the true story about America's first female newspaper publisher fighting to uncover major government secrets, with Streep and Hanks starring as two journalists risking their careers and freedom for the truth - and quality oozing from every performance.

See it on the big screen for…
That moment when Streep, Hanks and Spielberg sweep the Oscars this year - serious film buffs will be able to say they saw it on the big screen. Get The Post tickets and times.
The Shape of Water (2) The Shape of Water

Phantom Thread: out 2 February

Paul Thomas Anderson is the ultimate designer of widescreen threads and this is his couture collection. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock, a 1950s designer with a habit of sewing secret messages into his garments in this profound and intimate Oscar contender.

See it on the big screen for…
The chance to say goodbye to a legend properly - it’s Daniel Day-Lewis’s final film before retirement. Get Phantom Thread tickets and times.

The Shape of Water: out 14 February

Twisted genius Guillermo del Toro is back with a characteristically weird and wonderful, monster-mash fairytale. His latest film has earned him a Golden Globe award for Best Director - we dare you not to be moved by his touching story of a mute janitor forming a close bond with a mystery sea creature.

See it on the big screen for...
A fantastical, mind-bending experience and a Golden Globe winning score. Get The Shape of Water tickets and times.

I, Tonya: out 16 February

The true story of the biggest sports scandal to ever take place on the ice. Margot Robbie gives a sympathetic but scathingly funny performance as Tonya Harding in a dark comedy that presents the disgraced figure skater's side of the story through mockumentary-style interviews with key players. This is Robbie at peak form.

See it on the big screen for…
Dark comedy and thrillingly shot scenes – Robbie did portions of her own skating. Get I, Tonya tickets and times.

Lady Bird: out 16 February

Saoirse Ronan captures the agony of adolescence perfectly as unconventional daydreamer Lady Bird in this charming and witty coming-of-age tale. Greta Gerwig's directorial debut was briefly the highest-rated movie in the history of Rotten Tomatoes.

See it on the big screen for...
Laughs, tears, gasps of embarrassment and killer 90s tunes. Get Lady Bird tickets and prices.
Lady Bird Lady Bird