I Daniel Blake
I, Daniel Blake
Release date
21st Oct 2016
Ken Loach
Natalie Ann Jamieson,Hayley Squires,Micky McGregor

I, Daniel Blake

15 cinema age rating  

In this BIFA-nominated film, Daniel Blake has a heart attack and instead of receiving support he is told he must try to find a job or else he will be cut off from funding.

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Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) is a carpenter who has worked hard to support himself his entire life. He is uncomplaining and committed to his job and his modest lifestyle.

Until a heart attack changes everything.

Though his doctor has declared he is unfit to carry on with his profession, the local council deems him fit for work and threatens to end his monthly support if he doesn’t try to find a job.

Daniel finds himself caught in a frustrating cycle, attempting to reconcile his benefit payments while also struggling to find work in the bleak desert of unemployment in North East England.

In addition to the physical pain he suffers each day, he finds himself hitting wall after wall of inefficient policy and heartless austerity.

However, rather than let the system break him down, Daniel is determined to put up a fight. As he battles his way through the red tape in an attempt to secure the support he deserves, he meets people like himself and begins to form friendships.

Amongst this community of strong-willed individuals, Daniel learns about his own strength and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

Highly acclaimed by critics and festival audiences across the globe, Director Ken Loach (Cathy, Come Home) took home his second Palme d’Or from Cannes Film Festival for this unapologetic criticism of a flawed system that seems to hurt the people it is designed to help.

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