Collateral Beauty
Collateral Beauty
Release date
30th Dec 2016
Running time
1hr 37mins
David Frankel
Kate Winslet,Will Smith,Edward Norton,Helen Mirren

Collateral Beauty

12A cinema age rating infrequent strong language, bereavement theme 

When successful advertising executive Howard Inlet struggles to deal with a family death, his friends draw up a unique plan to help him recover and confront his grief.

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Howard Inlet (Will Smith) was successful. He was also brilliant.

Working as an advertising executive, his life was playing out just fine, but things were about to take a cruel twist of fate.

The once-successful Howard falls into a spiral of depression, brought on by the sudden loss of his daughter, withdrawing from his life almost entirely and becoming something of a recluse.

Everyone deals with depression in their own way, and Howard takes a very unique approach – he begins writing letters – not to people, but to things, such as love, death, and time.

Worried, his colleagues draw up a drastic plan to help Howard to recover and get his life back on track.

They enlist three figures to personify each emotion or theme that Howard writes about: love (Keira Knightley), death (Helen Mirren), and time (Jacob Latimore).

Will Howard be able to confront his grief and get past this troubled period of his life with his friends’ help?

Thoroughbred actor Will Smith (Independence Day: Resurgence) takes the lead role as Howard, and is joined on screen by a rich variety of first-class acting talent in the form of Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs) as Claire Wilson and Naomie Harris (Spectre) as Madeleine.

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