Not all heroes wear capes. On Super Days, you can enjoy big screen entertainment at your local Vue for a discounted price. Click on the button below and you’ll reveal a unique code which we’ll send to you via email.

When buying your tickets, add it as a promo code to reveal the discounted price. 
All venues* can benefit from discounted tickets on a Tuesday. The exceptions, where the offer is on a Monday, are:

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol Longwell Green
  • Bury The Rock
  • Cleveleys
  • Croydon Grants
  • Croydon Purley Way
  • Leicester
  • Livingston
  • Manchester Lowry
  • Manchester Printworks
  • Newbury
  • North FInchley
  • Reading
  • Scunthorpe
  • Southport
  • Stirling

If you have an existing code and use one of the above venues you do not need to request a new one. Your code is now valid on Mondays rather than Tuesday.

*All venues on a Tuesday does not include the listed sites above, where Super Days are on Mondays. At these specified venues you will not be able to use your code on a Tuesday.”

Read the terms and conditions here.