Despicable Me 4 cups, popcorn buckets and special screenings incoming

Oh yeah, we’re going mega

If there’s one thing children and adults can agree on, it’s this: you can never have enough Minions. That’s why we’re stupidly excited about Despicable Me 4, which will see Gru and his army of little helpers take on their biggest challenge yet – a new baby boy. Eek! 

But that’s not the only reason we’re yellow with glee. We’ve also got some absolute must-have merch, giveaway competitions and a variety of different screenings coming your way. Follow us into our secret lair so we can explain in greater detail…DESPICABLE ME 4

We’ve got Despicable Me 4 cups, buckets, plushies and more

If you’re not watching a Despicable Me film surrounded by Minion-themed treats, are you even watching it? 

That won’t be a problem at Vue, because you’ll have a chance to get your hands on some highly desirable Minion merchandise, including limited edition cups, cup toppers, Mega Minion popcorn buckets, Minion plushies AND Mega Minion plushies, available whilst stocks last.

Despicable Me 4

Even more appealing than a giant banana, right? 

I need it - How much does it all cost? 

  • Cup & Topper: £2.99
  • Popcorn Tin: £4.99
  • Small Plushie: £9.99
  • Large Plushie: £17.99

Here’s how you can win it all – plus a £50 Vue gift card! 

There’s only one thing better than Despicable Me 4 merchandise, and that’s free Despicable Me 4 merchandise. Disclaimer: winning it is definitely easier than stealing the Moon. 

Starting on 5 July, you’ll have a chance to win a £50 Vue gift card and a selection of Despicable Me 4 prizes. All you have to do is watch our competition video on Facebook and Instagram and comment how many times you spot Gru. See, you don’t have to be a genius supervillain or anything. 

But that’s not all! From 12 July, you’ll have another chance to get your hands on some free merch, fresh from our Despicable Me 4 vending machine, which is a thing that actually exists. To enter, simply tell us in the comments which item you’d like, and then pray to the Minion gods to choose you. So keep an eye on our Facebook & Instagram to get your hands on some mega goodies.

Terms & Conditions Apply: Count The Gru's T&Cs | Minions Vending Machine T&Cs

Suit up, Gentleminion screenings are back 

Despicable Me 4

Yes, it’s time for you and your crew to dust off your suits and make a big (but orderly) entrance. We’ll be holding a number of Gentleminions screenings, designed specifically for those of you who wish to dress up and fully embrace the spirit of the film. Go and make Gru proud. 

Suit Up 🤵

Talking of special screenings…

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the little ones. No, not those little ones. YOUR little ones. As always, we’ll have plenty of child-friendly screenings available for you and the family like our Mighty Mornings and Big Shorts screenings, just check our Family Hub to see what family-friendly films we’ve got for you. We also have a selection of open captioned and audio description showings. 

You can find more details about our different types of screenings here.  


Despicable Me 4


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