There’s no other experience quite like watching entertainment on the big screen

The sights and sounds, the hushed conversation, the great anticipation. Then, it’s just about you and the screen. Bathed in bright lights, sitting in utter darkness, feeling as though you could reach out and be part of the action. And it’s not over when the lights come up. Great experiences linger with you; they become part of who you are and it’s this escape from daily life that keeps us coming back for more… and more.

At Vue, we believe there is nothing like the full blown big screen experience delivered at its best, with the perfect tuning of the seats, the screen and brilliant sound.


Never miss a moment of the big screen entertainment with our stepped, stadium-style seating. Whether you like to spread out in the middle or cosy up in the back, our seats mean that you’ll get a perfect, unobstructed view of the screen, every time. 

The best seat for full-focus, full-comfort entertainment, The Recliner is your ticket to the ultimate big screen experience. Sit down and relax as padded leather forms around you. Now, put your feet up and recline back with a touch of a button – yes, all the way back – until you find your perfect viewing angle, unique to you.

Hey there, VIP. It’s time to take your seat… your super-spacious VIP seat, that is. With extra room to stretch out, a wider chair and in the optimum viewing location, our VIP seats are the best way to enjoy an enhanced big screen experience.

We believe the best entertainment deserves the best quality picture. That’s why the majority of our screens are equipped with Sony 4K digital projectors, giving you a viewing experience that’s so super sharp you’ll feel like it’s you fighting the bad guys, not Bond. With four times the resolution of HD home TVs and more than four times detail than regular cinema projectors, it means brighter colours, more contrast and a picture that’s always crystal clear, no matter where you sit.

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From floor-shaking cannon fire and roaring explosions to speeches that changed the course of history, we believe that the best entertainment deserves the best sound. Dolby Atmos places you in the centre of the sound, making the action and drama more realistic than ever. This is pin-sharp sound that fills the space; breathtaking, multidimensional sound that catapults you into another time and place. Dolby Atmos is featured at Vue West End, Vue Cramlington and Vue Gateshead.

Heart-pounding audio. Super-sized screens. Awe-inspiring images. IMAX’s state-of-the-art technology and cinema design combine to create an experience so real you’ll forget you’re in a cinema. From the laser-aligned audio placement to the hyper-lifelike 3D projection, every element in our IMAX screens is planned and designed to create the most intense big screen experience ever. Vue IMAX screens are located at Cheshire Oaks, Manchester Printworks and Leeds Kirkstall. Manchester Printworks is IMAX Laser, a next-generation laser projection and 12-channel sound system.

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Escape into a world where you feel the blast of every explosion, the impact of every blow. A world where enchanted trees twist around your seat and avalanches roar past. An awe-inspiring combination of heightened realism and surround sound, 3D lets you step inside the third dimension and enjoy a fully immersive big screen experience. With 3D, you’re not just experiencing the entertainment; you’re inside the entertainment.

Your Scene experience begins from the moment you step inside the venue. Order a glass of wine at your very own private bar, check your coats in with the concierge at the cloakroom, and relax in a super-soft luxurious leather seat in an exclusive screen with extra room to stretch out. Treat yourself to a free refill when you buy popcorn at the Scene bar. This is full blown big screen experience delivered at its very best.