Back On The Big Screen, Where it Belongs

They’re some of the most influential and best-loved films, but many of us didn’t get to experience them as they were meant to be seen. Some of us know them only as chewed up VHS tapes; the luckiest of us are yet to discover them.

We screen a host of classic films at Vue, and in the dark of the theatre, you can transport yourself back to when they were originally released. Imagine being at the very first Alien screening in 1979 and suddenly getting hit with the scene where the parasite eats itself out of Kane’s ribcage; or at a 1985 screening of The Breakfast Club, at the moment when Molly Ringwald kisses Judd Nelson on the school steps and Simple Minds swells on the soundtrack – or in a cinema in 1967, and hearing Dustin Hoffman’s now iconic line, "Mrs Robinson, you're trying to seduce me."