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Using your Voucher Codes to purchase tickets?

You will need to have your voucher code to hand before making your booking. Depending on your voucher type, this will always begin with the letter V. Please see below for details. 

  • Lloyds vouchers will start with - VSLY
  • Halifax will start with - VSXL
  • O2 vouchers will start with – VSV0
  • Vue Pass vouchers will start with - VSTP
  • Vitality vouchers will start with – VSTV
  • Sky Cinema vouchers will start with – VSKY
  • BuyaGift will start with - VSTM 
Once you have added your tickets, you will need to click on 'Add a promo code' and then enter your voucher code starting with 'V' as shown below.

Having problems with your vouchers? 

If you are having problems using any vouchers on the website, we do recommend double checking codes entered into the website for mistakes. Should this problem persist, please try the following steps:

Clear cookies, Cache and browsing data
Open incognito/private browser and retry the Voucher code 
If using Safari, phone browser or tablet - try another device

Once this is picked up by a representative, they will be able to assist you in resolving your query.