Get your game face on. We've got swag bags and all the excitement you can handle.

This is not a cinema – this is a battleground. It’s a nail-biting competition, a tournament of champions. It’s a winning goal, a stolen car, a shoot-out, a captured enemy base. It’s the spectacle of the big screen colliding with the interactive joy of gameplay. 

There’s nowhere better to watch the best gamers in the world battle it out than on our massive screens and serious sound systems. From the CS:GO finals to League of Legends events, this is your chance to be part of the most popular gaming championships happening in the world right now.

Normal rules don't apply

Big Screen Gaming is all about the shared experience of watching the best-of-the-best battle it out. Sit at the edge of your seat or leap to your feet and watch from the aisles. We also team up with some awesome partners to offer prizes and giveaways, making Big Screen Gaming an experience like no other.