Which world-class opera performance will you be watching at Vue?

This is not a cinema – this is a legendary opera house. It’s heart-breaking arias, the swelling of the orchestra, the spectacle of radically re-imagined set designs. It’s the heartbreak and the betrayal, the passion and the jealousy and the murder. It’s thunderous applause and a standing ovation. It’s high-octane, high-intensity and high-octave. It’s Big Screen Opera. 

We broadcast the best opera performances live from the Royal Opera House using 4k projectors and Dolby surround sound so you can experience every high note. Even members of the orchestra can’t see each stitch on the soprano’s cape or the twinkle in her eye when her lover enters stage right – but at Vue, you can

What you need to know

We show two types of Big Screen Opera: live showings (which are captured and broadcast as they happen) and encore showings (live broadcasts that have been taped). There are no adverts or trailers played before live performances. Arrive right on time so you don’t miss a minute.

If the live performance has an interval or two, the broadcast will too. You can compare favourite arias with your friends or order a drink at the bar. 

If you experienced a moment that makes your heart jump a beat, you might like to shout ‘brava!’ for a woman, ‘bravo!’ for a man or ‘brevi!’ for everyone. Clap and cheer as long and loud as you want.

This is not a cinema – this is a legendary opera house.