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Premier League: Brighton v Manchester United - 26 September 2020
Premier League: Sheffield United v Leeds United - 27 September 2020
Premier League: West Ham United v Wolves - 27 September 2020

Bringing you closer to the action, as it happens.

This is not a cinema – this is a world-class stadium. It’s a title fight, the big game, a chance to walk side-by-side with the world’s most elite athletes. It’s screaming ‘til your voice is hoarse, cheering anthems ‘til you’re blue in the face. It’s passion and hard work, blood and sweat and tears.

This is high-intensity sport as it deserves to be seen: not from your sofa, or while trying to see round someone else’s head in the pub. This is life from the front row.

This not a cinema – this is a world-class stadium. 


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