Unwind with a cinema ticket at Vue.

Get active with Vitality Health and Life Insurance and get a cinema ticket to use any day of the week! 

Vitality encourages their members to lead a healthier, more active life. That’s why they reward their members with things like a cinema ticket when they get up and get active.  

How it works

Once you’ve joined Vitality, here’s how to earn your reward ticket at Vue:

  • Earn just 12 Vitality points each week for tracking your activity. There are lots of ways you can earn Vitality activity points, like using a linked activity tracking device, working out at a partner gym or taking part in a parkrun.
  • Log into the Member Zone or the Vitality Member app the following week to generate your personal cinema ticket code.
  • Enter your code on Vue’s website when booking your tickets.
  • Collect your tickets at the cinema – and enjoy the film.

Cinema tickets available with Vitality Personal Healthcare plans or Life plans with Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser. Upgrades for all screenings at Vue Leicester Square, 3D, Xtreme, IMAX and VIP and Recliner seats are available at Vue for an additional cost. Upgrades can be booked online and at the cinema and are subject to availability.