10 superhero gadgets we'd love to own

With so many superhero films exploding on our screens in 2016, we’ve been looking at some of the best gadgets in the superhero universe that we wouldn’t mind getting hold of. Here’s the top ten:

1. Web shooters (Spiderman)

In the Marvel verse, Spiderman has the awesome ability of being able to shoot webs from his wrists. In the most recent film instalment, The Amazing Spiderman 2, we see him don a couple of web-making gadgets to get around in style. With web-shooting bracelets, never again would we have to walk to the bar to get a drink.

2. The Bat Pod (Batman)

While the Batmobile is a cinematic classic, it’s the Batpod that we want. Sleek, stylish, compact and speedy, the morning commute would be a breeze riding that thing. 

Seen in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, the Batpod is powered by a high-performance, single cylinder engine and steered by the rider’s shoulders rather than hands for optimum speed. 

When The Dark Knight was being filmed, six versions of the Batpod were created in case of them crashing; so make sure you wise up on your road safety before jumping onto one of these bad boys.

3. Power Ring (Green Lantern)

The Green Lantern Power Ring was forged aeons ago by the Guardians of the Universe with the goal of granting the wearing powers of an incredible level. In essence, the Power Ring can do pretty much anything.

Such useful aspects include levitation, time travel, invisibility and flight and, if you’re feeling a little bored and would like to explore a new world, there’s a pocket dimension within the ring itself.

Plus, if you get into trouble, the Power Ring is capable of some cellular regeneration for any bumps or scrapes.

4. Lasso of truth (Wonder Woman)

Justice enforcer Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is so-called because it is able to prise the truth out of anybody at all. Simply by wrapping it around the person in question, all will be revealed.

It’s also got the added bonus of being entirely unbreakable.

The lasso of truth could prove useful if you wanted to interrogate a friend about ignoring your texts, or to find out which one of your housemates has drunk all the wine.

5. Mjolnir (Thor)

Mjolnir is the main weapon of powerful, Nordic superhero Thor. It’s a pretty hefty piece of gear, capable of destroying mountains, causing galaxy-destroying explosions and even manipulating molecules. It’s got to be handy to have around when trying to negotiate your seat on the bus.

Thor’s hammer also has the ability to fly to his hand in an instant, from wherever it happens to be. Stick it on your key ring and stop spending ten minutes every morning trying to find your car keys.

6. Iron suit (Iron Man)

Iron Man’s suit is possibly the greatest gadget of all time – or at least, the greatest gadget in Marvel films. You can fly, fight and basically become a superhero even if you have no super abilities at all. Despite all of the awesome features in this full-body gadget, perhaps the best feature is the inbuilt computer within the helmet.

With this device you’d never need to fall behind on emails again and your Twitter feed could live update constantly in front of your very eyes. Google Glass may be promising something similar in the future, but it’ll never be as cool as Tony Stark’s super suit.

7. Silver Surf board (Silver Surfer)

Silver Surfer is considered by many to be one of the greatest superheroes of all time and with good reason. He’s immune to disease, has superhuman strength and the ability to manipulate and absorb the universe’s energy.

Perhaps best of all, however, is his surfboard-like vehicle. When traveling on this board he can reach up to the speed of light, meaning sitting in traffic jams could become a thing of the past.

8. Freeze gun (Mr. Freeze)

Mr Freeze might not be a hero, but he’s certainly a genius. Required to spend his life in a cryogenic suit following an accident trying to cure his terminally ill wife, you can kind of understand why Mr Freeze went over to the dark side. His freeze gun is one of his greatest inventions which could definitely be used for the power of good rather than evil.

Ever been to a party and run out of ice? The Freeze Gun can solve that problem in a flash. If you’re in the depths of summer heat and the fan’s broke, just get out your Freeze Gun and cool things down. The possibilities are endless!

9. The Avenger’s priority card (The Avengers)

When you’re a member of S.H.E.I.L.D. you’re given a priority card which serves as a means of communications for the various Avengers’. We like to imagine Tony Stark trying to wind up Dr Bruce Banner via priority card, whilst Captain America and Thor exchange some bro-mantic messages.

In real life, this card could be used within friend groups for impenetrable messages. You could cancel your phone contract and just give a card to anyone you like to talk to. It would also work really well when you’re trying to pass on secret messages in class and could be used to (ahem) cheat on tests, if you were that way inclined. We all know you’re not, though.

10. Captain America’s shield (Captain America)

Captain America is one of our stand-out superheroes because, much like Batman and Iron Man, he doesn’t actually have any super human powers. Once a weak and skinny man, he was injected with a serum which gave him the very best in human strength, speed and agility.

Perhaps most symbolic of all of Captain America’s features is his virtually indestructible shield. Of course, there are the combat elements which could be useful in a fight, but why not be creative? Use it as a giant, snazzy nacho bowl, or as a very strong sledge in winter.