An Incredible year: let’s relive 2004

How can this possibly have been 14 years ago.

It was the year that gave us Toxic, the terms ‘podcast’, ‘life hack’ and ‘social media’ and Napoleon Dynamite urged us to Vote For Pedro - 2004 was a heady time. It’s hard to believe it’s been fourteen whole years since Pixar bestowed the gift of The Incredibles on us - it seems like, maybe, four years max.

But with the film’s sequel finally coming out soon, we’re getting all nostalgic; so let’s take a look back at ‘04...

1. An entire generation learned the dangers of incorporating a cape into your superhero costume

Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article

Fourteen years but the Incredible family haven’t aged a day…literally, tho: the sequel, out 13 July, picks up right where the original left off. This time, Elastigirl gets to save the day while Bob stays home with Jack-Jack and his laser beam eyeballs. Early reactions are in and they’re pretty, well, incredible - just like 14 years ago, then.

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2. Matthew McConaughey was a rom com lead

In 2004 we knew him from films like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Ten years later…he won an Oscar.

Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article
3. They were there for us... and then they weren’t
Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article
The final episode of Friends aired in May 2004 but could it BE more timeless?

4. We made new friends
It’s hard to imagine a time before it, but 2004 was the year that “The facebook” was launched and we got to do all kinds of weird things we wouldn’t do in real life like request friendship, poke strangers and follow people.

5. Destiny’s Child released their fourth – and final – album

Destiny Fulfilled came out in 2004. The band announced their split in 2005 and we were devastated. But it did initiate…THE RISE OF BEYONCE!
Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article
6. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey made history

In 2004, Amy Poehler became Tina Fey’s co-host on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, making it the first time the show had been anchored by two women. It was also the year that Tina Fey wrote and co-starred in cult classic Mean Girls, which we’re still quoting to this day.
Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article
7. Everyone knew The Cha Cha Slide
You wouldn’t be caught dead doing it now but for a glorious few weeks in 2004, to cha cha real smooth was the hottest dance move going.

8. You were nobody without a Von Dutch trucker cap
Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article

These hats were the absolute height of cool for no fathomable reason.

9. “That’s hot” was the catchphrase of the year

Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article
But hey, things are lit now.

10. We still don’t and never will understand what went on on that island
Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article
But we’ll always have a soft spot for Matthew Fox.

11. And 2004 will always be the year that gave us James Blunt
Incredibles 2 - nostalgia article
He saw your face in a crowded place and didn’t know what to do.

Same, Edna. Same.