The best ballet-inspired looks to recreate this Halloween

Tyrannical queens, creepy dolls, vengeful spirits - if you thought ballet was all tutus and pointe shoes, think again.


The Queen of Hearts

There’s no better Halloween inspiration than the Royal Ballet's production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland – especially if waving a sceptre and screaming nonsensical insanities is your thing. To emulate the tyrannical Queen of Hearts, you’ll need a white or black dress, a crown, a sceptre and some suitably pointy shoes. Pin, draw or stitch your dress with plenty of hearts (red, of course) to seduce your subjects. Bonus points if you can find a terrified Ace to hover around you with a white rose bush. Heads will turn – that is, if they're still attached. Catch our encore screening on 29 October - get The Royal Ballet: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland tickets and times.  

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Cheshire Cat

Another costume inspired by the Royal Ballet's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: its most contrary inhabitant, the cosmic Cheshire Cat. This look is all about the makeup – use eyeliner and various shades of eyeshadow to create some seriously shifty cat eyes, pencil in a nose, some whiskers and add the fallacious feline's iconic grin. Go the extra mile with a cat onesie and a stick-on tail. Don’t worry – we’re all mad here.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Mouse King

As far as ballet-inspired Halloween costumes go, it’s hard to go past The Nutcracker’s Mouse King. The seven-headed supersized rodent not only leads an army of angry mice – he also goes to battle against the heroic Nutcracker in an epic showdown of mouse versus toy. All you’ll need for this costume is a mouse onesie, some whiskers, ears and a tail. Bonus points if you can attach another six mice heads to the neck of your costume. You are the King, after all. Book ahead for our screening on 5 December; get The Royal Ballet: The Nutcracker tickets and times. 

The Nutcracker


If bewitching betrothed men takes your fancy this Halloween, why not go as ballet’s most famous doll, Coppelia? As seen in the upcoming Bolshoi production, Coppelia is a life-size doll that looks and acts so authentic that she almost comes between two lovers. To create this look, pair a full skirt with some kooky stripy tights and ballet flats. Makeup is an easy way to convey a slightly crazed dolly stare – use eyeliner to paint lower lashes under your eyes and red lipstick for a suitable pout. The Bolshoi Ballet: Coppelia comes to Vue on 10 June 2018.


Queen Myrtha

No ballet gets you in the Halloween spirit quite like the Bolshoi's Giselle. This classic ballet is often described as romantic but to be honest, we’re not sure what’s so romantic about a group of vengeful spirits who wander the dark forests looking for unsuspecting men to force to dance to their death. If this sounds right up your alley, why not go as the spirits’ pitiless Queen Myrtha? All you need is a wedding dress, a veil, smudged eyeliner and a serious grudge (or ten). The Bolshoi: Giselle comes to Vue on 8 April 2018.