Introducing The Recliner Introducing The Recliner

Business class, standard price

The ultimate viewing experience, coming soon to your local Vue.

Experiencing big screen entertainment is about to get even more awe-inspiring. Say hello to The Recliner.

This summer we’re replacing every single seat in Vue Preston with The Recliner.

What’s more, prices will stay exactly the same as before – so you’ll be getting a business class seat at standard pricing.

Sit down and relax as soft leather forms around you. Put your feet up and recline back – yes, all the way back – until you find your perfect viewing angle, unique to you.

Crafted from padded leather, The Recliner is your ticket to the ultimate big screen experience.

Vue Preston will be totally kitted out with The Recliner from August 2017. We’re staying open while we make these changes, but there might be some disruption to your visit such as temporary toilet closures and entranceways being moved.

We’ll be installing these new seats one screen at a time, so until August, you can check with the venue to see if your film is showing in a screen with The Recliner seating or standard seats.