Desert Island Flicks Desert Island Flicks

Can you name your Desert Island Flicks?

We asked Hollywood’s best and brightest to name theirs.

You’re stranded on a desert island but the cinema gods have smiled on you and you get to choose one film to keep you entertained - what do you choose? Would you rather have a comedy or a long, drawn-out epic? A survival guide like Castaway or something from the Die Hard canon to keep the adrenaline pumping?

We’ve been asking stars and filmmakers what their #DesertIslandFlicks would be, with a caveat here or there.

These Avengers: Infinity War stars told us which Marvel film they’d choose:
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Ready Player One is Spielberg’s latest family adventure so we asked its cast and crew which of his films they’d want with them on the sandy, lonely beaches:
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Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard had to make a tough decision when he told us which ONE Star Wars film he’d choose:
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Got an all-time favourite Disney Pixar film? We asked the team behind Incredibles 2 to share the ones they love the most.
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