Eight reasons to get (really) excited about Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell brings a much-loved Japanese franchise to life with Scarlett Johansson as the lead – and if you book to see this visual extravaganza on the big screen with us, you’ll get a free exclusive poster.

By Stefan Pape 

1. The franchise's first live action reimagining

Originally published as a collection of comic books in the late 1980s, this immensely popular manga series was then brought to the silver screen in a 1995 animated film – and now we finally have the chance to see it brought to life in the live action Ghost in the Shell, out 31st March. That’s enough to pique the interests of even the most protective of cult followers.

2. A timely series of events

The plot follows a cyborg policewoman hunting after a formidable hacker, and while it might take place in the not-too-distant future (around 30 years from now), its exploration of cyber-terrorism makes it more relevant than it’s ever been. We still haven't invented the cyberbrain yet though, sadly.

3. An unforgettable visual experience

Ghost in the Shell’s vibrant, fluorescent setting, described as a “cyberpunk” version of Japan, makes modern day Tokyo look like your local shopping centre car park. It’s a universe we simply can’t wait to step into again.

Eight reasons to get excited about Ghost in the Shell Book tickets to see Ghost in the Shell with Vue and you'll receive this free exclusive poster.

4. Scarlett Johansson and Juliette Binoche

Though science fiction movies are often more about story, having such talented, dependable leads always makes a huge difference.

5. Another female led blockbuster franchise

Following on from the likes of The Hunger Games and Rogue One, audiences are craving films led by powerful, fearless female protagonists, and Ghost in the Shell is no different. Johansson plays The Major, the leader of an elite task force named Section 9 – and from what we can gather, she kicks some serious ass.

Eight reasons to get excited about Ghost in the Shell

6. The one and only Takeshi Kitano

It's hard to put into words just how impressive and eclectic Takeshi Kitano’s career has been. Known to UK audiences as the host of Takeshi's Castle, the performer is not only an actor and comedian, but a hugely influential, highly regarded director, as well as an author, poet, painter and video game inventor. In Ghost of the Shell he plays Daisuke Aramaki, chief of Section 9.

7. Geisha robots

Speaks for itself, really. Arguably the most exciting aspect of the film's trailer were the geisha robots, who look as frightening as they do beguiling.

8. The limited edition poster

A film like Ghost in the Shell demands a big screen viewing, and when you book tickets with Vue online or in-cinema between 1st March and 6th April, you'll receive the free exclusive poster pictured above. Since it's widely considered to be the best movie poster of the year so far, it's fair to assume it will sit pretty on your bedroom wall.

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