Everything you ever wanted to know about Tango Ice Blast

Meet the man who titillates your taste buds

You love ‘em, we love ‘em - but have you ever wondered how a Tango Ice Blast is made? WHO comes up with the flavours and HOW do we make ice fizzy? Wonder no more. Meet Matt, the man with the best job in the world: Tango Ice Blast Creator. We tracked him down to his top secret Tango Ice Blast lab and gave him a good grilling. Watch the whole video then check out some of our favourite facts (and a recipe to try at home) below.
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Matt is a gourmet chef (he used to work in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen!), so when he’s cooking up a Tango Ice Blast he’s always finessing the flavours, fiddling with temperatures and trying out different consistencies to make your Tango Ice Blast the Ice Blastingest it can be.

Once Matt has created a new flavour, a tasting panel comes in to give their verdicts. Sadly he didn’t let us in on how we get to be on that panel.
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It takes about an hour to make up a whole batch. There are roughly eight ingredients in each Blast, depending on the flavour, and apparently they take around an hour to melt. Not that ours ever last that long???


The weirdest flavour request Matt???s ever received was for avocado. Not convinced that the world is ready for an Avocado Tango Ice Blast... He???s always open to suggestions though!

You can???t just whip up a Tango Ice Blast at home, unfortunately - but you can whip up this special recipe that Matt created just for us:

Popcorn foam
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200ml full fat milk
300ml double cream
100g toffee popcorn


  1. Heat the milk and popcorn together until boiling
  2. Take off the heat and leave until cold
  3. Blend the cool milk and popcorn in a blender
  4. Add the cream to the blended milk mixture
  5. Place the whole lot in a 500ml cream whipper
  6. Charge with a gas charger
  7. Shake well and add to your fave beverage (or squirt directly into mouth)

Now we’ve whetted your appetite, why not choose a film to see while you sup a Tango Ice Blast? Here’s what’s on - see you in the foyer!