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Everything you've ever wanted to ask a ballet dancer

“...Is it anything like Black Swan?” and more.

Imagine if anytime you went to work it was totally normal for the Queen to pop in and watch you do your job.

We got to speak to dancer Nicol Edmonds about what it’s like to be a member of the Royal Ballet and dance at the legendary Royal Opera House, which has its own Royal Box. At any given moment, you could have royalty watching you from here. As if that’s not nerve-wracking enough, we broadcast these productions live to Vues across the country, making your audience a whole lot bigger (we surprised Nicol with some impressive stats on this - check out his reaction in the video.)
ROH Nutcracker Nicol Edmonds as the Prince in The Royal Ballet's The Nutcracker
Watch our interview to get a glimpse into the “dramatic, over-the-top, fabulous world” of ballet:
We want to share what we do, we want to excite younger audiences. I believe in it, I believe in what I do. The cinema helps people take that first step into the world of ballet.
ROH Nutcracker Nicol Edmonds as the Mouse King in The Royal Ballet's The Nutcracker

Our big screen broadcast of The Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker, at Vue 3 and 9 December. Magical, Christmassy and short (!), this is the perfect ballet for first-time audiences. Get times and tickets here.

Need more convincing? Here’s everything to know before you go.