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It’s not every day that a new Tarantino film comes along - in fact, it’s been four long years since his last epic - but with Once Upon a Time In Hollywood finally on the horizon, we’ve been going Tarantino Mad here at Vue.
Actor Rick Dalton and his stunt double, Cliff Booth, head back to Hollywood to try and make names for themselves. blank

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
Working with talented artist Bangzheng Du, we’ve created an epic illustration that weaves the legendary director’s movies into one incredible film studio. Take a tour through Tarantino’s career, from stunning debut Reservoir Dogs all the way up to his latest project - each room represents a set from one of his iconic titles. It’s pretty detailed so grab a milkshake, you’re going to be here for a while...
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article
You could even win a print yourself; just head to our Facebook page and comment with the name of your favourite Tarantino film to be entered into our competition.

To get you started, let’s take a closer look…
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Reservoir Dogs

1. Reservoir Dogs

You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle with Mr Blonde and his penchant for ear-ectomies, but it turns out this extremely famous scene was mostly improvised. “In the script it said, ‘Mr Blonde maniacally dances around’,” actor Michael Madsen told the audience at 2017’s Tribeca Film Festival. Safe to say he nailed it.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Pulp Fiction

2. Pulp Fiction

Genesis of a million couples’ halloween costumes and the coolest dance scene in the history of film: Vince and Mia are twisting on set but can you spot the Gimp?

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Jackie Brown

3. Jackie Brown

The story of the world’s greatest double-crossing flight attendant. Tarantino was obsessed with Pam Grier and determined to cast her in one of his films - when she walked in to audition for Jackie Brown, the room was plastered in posters from her younger days. “I said, ‘Did you put these up because I was coming over?’ And he said, ‘No. I was gonna take them down because you were coming over!'"
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Kill Bill

4. Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2

You’ll be as consumed by the need to find all the Easter eggs in our poster as The Bride was by the desire to exact her revenge. It won’t take long to find her surrounded by the Crazy Eight but there’s also a very famous crustless sandwich around here somewhere...
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Death Proof

5. Death Proof

Things are getting Icy Hot - particularly for Abernathy’s poor feet. Death Proof famously featured Tarantino’s very own jukebox (which also appeared in Natural Born Killers!) so it’s no wonder AMi has found its way into our picture too.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Inglorious Basterds

6. Inglourious Basterds

Once Upon a Time in...Occupied France? That’s supposedly what Tarantino wanted to call this revenge epic (he ended up saving the title for his latest movie.) It’s hard to believe now, but Christoph Waltz was basically unknown before this (he ended up winning an Academy Award for his role.)
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Django Unchained

7. Django Unchained

The D may be silent but the suits certainly aren’t. Christoph Waltz picked up his second Best Supporting Oscar for his role as a dentist turned bounty hunter Dr. King Shultz, but here’s Jamie Foxx’s hero Django facing off against Leonardo DiCaprio’s nasty villain Calvin Candie.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article The Hateful Eight

8. The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight was nearly a goner after someone leaked the script online before production even began - thankfully, Tarantino finally decided to go ahead with it. Steer clear of hackers and the coffee at Minnie’s Haberdashery, that’s our advice.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood article Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

9. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

A film set on a film set on a film set? How meta are we going with this one? Pretty meta, as you’ll see. Tarantino would be proud.