This Father’s Day, it’s all about family

… and the odd explosion

We don’t know about you, but when we think about big screen families, there’s one thing that generally comes to mind: people jumping off exceedingly fast cars while miraculously avoiding any form of fatal injury.

There’ll be plenty of that to catch on and around Father’s Day at Vue, plus a whole bunch of fisticuffs, tear-jerking drama and incredibly athletic people dancing around in the street. You know, the sort of stuff you do with your family.

Here, we take a look at some of the exciting new titles coming to the big screen, all of which would be perfect to enjoy with your old man/anybody you fancy seeing a film with, really.


Families on the big screen
Under normal circumstances, driving off a cliff and swinging to ???safety??? with the help of a considerably frayed rope would probably be a terrible idea. Unless, of course, your name is Dominic Toretto.

Yes, the physics-defying franchise that is Fast & Furious is back for a ninth instalment, and this time, the stunts are going stratospheric ??? literally. From powerful magnets pushing and pulling vehicles into explosive collisions, to rocket-propelled cars tailgating planes in mid-flight, this one promises to be the most ambitious (and gloriously ludicrous) addition to the family-centric series yet.

Personally, though, we can???t wait to see Vin Diesel square off with John Cena. Oh, and any car scene involving Helen Mirren.

Surprise your dad this Father???s Day with tickets for Fast & Furious 9. Available to book now, showing at Vue from 24 June.

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Families on the big screen
Nothing screams ???family outing??? like a life-threatening mission to save Europe from a madman. Although, as it turns out, protecting a hitman and his wife is significantly harder when you???re not allowed to use any lethal weapons.

Bodyguard Michael Bryce is meant to be on a sabbatical when Sonia Kincaid, the infamous con artist wife of hitman Darius Kincaid, drags him into this new mission. He may not be using guns, but he???s still armed with a dangerous level of sarcasm.

Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek are back together for this action-packed sequel, which casually boasts a legendary supporting cast of Antonio Banderas, Morgan Freeman and Richard E. Grant. We find laughter and action generally tend to make a good combo.

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Families on the big screen
If you???re after something a little less??? shooty, you needn't look further than The Father. Anthony Hopkins picked up the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as an elderly man battling dementia, while the national treasure that is Olivia Colman was also nominated for her role as his caring daughter. In other words, it???s a bit brilliant.

Described as one of the films of the year, The Father is getting plenty of five-star reviews and currently sits at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It may be tackling a difficult and devastating subject, but with performances like these, it???s really sounding like an unmissable watch.

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Families on the big screen
Summer has well and truly arrived on the big screen, and all we want to do is make a massive song and dance about it. Probably best to leave that to the professionals, though???

The professionals in question? That would be the mesmerisingly talented cast of In The Heights, the feel-good, musical event of the year from Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. Bursting with colour and electric choreography, this Latin-American story places us in the heart of a family-like community, where everyone???s got a dream and a passionate way of expressing it.

According to The Telegraph, this big screen family treat ???radiates Factor 50 good vibes??? and is ???the best reason yet to reconnect with your local cinema???. The five-star reviews are pouring in and, frankly, we???re a bit excited.

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Families on the big screen

Now, we???re sure your dad is a pretty tough guy, but could he take on the entire Russian mafia using his new-found, John Wick-style skills?

In Nobody, Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) plays Hutch Mansell, an unassuming family man whose inner rage is ignited after some petty thieves break into his home and threaten his family. What follows is a tirade of furious fists, heavy gunfire and screeching tyres, as the most unlikely of action heroes wages war on the criminal underworld. Aren???t dads just the best?

And in case you were wondering, critics are absolutely loving it. Mark Kermode has described it as ???the best film currently playing in U.K. cinemas,??? and The Guardian???s Benjamin Lee insists it???s even better than John Wick. Blimey.

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None of these titles tickling your fancy? Here’s what else is showing at Vue this Father’s Day.